Tenant Rights in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach Tenants Union is dedicated to fighting for the rights of tenants in and throughout Palm Beach County. Whether you are dealing with poor living conditions, facing excessive rent increases or an unjust eviction, we are here to let you know that you are not alone.

Our Tenant Rights campaign includes the fight for renters rights ordinances at the municipal, county and state level. We also work on assisting renters  who want to form tenant councils, creating contracts with individual landlords. We seek to organize mass numbers of renters into formations to fight displacement and advance the political power of the tenant class.


The fight for renters rights include code enforcement, ban the box sweeping the country; they include campaigns for rent control, just cause eviction, and other rights. 


With corporate landlords on the rise, over half of all renters in the country pay too much in rent. Millions are facing displacement and in jeopardy of or currently experiencing their entire community being gentrified.

Alone, this fight can seem overwhelming and hopeless. But by organizing, and standing together with other tenants, we can build power, fight back and win.

Ready to get started? Start by reading our Know Your Rights guide, then sign up to attend one of our upcoming workshops. If you are dealing with issues with your landlord currently, fill out our Landlord Complaint Form.

DISCLAIMER: This Website provides general information related to tenants rights designed to help renters. This website does not provide legal advice and Palm Beach Tenants Union is neither a law firm nor a government agency.

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