Resources for Tenants

Legal Assistance

Florida Rural Legal Services - Provides free legal services for low-income individuals in Palm Beach County.  Practice areas include housing, elder law, family law, immigration, public benefits, consumer rights and more. Services in English, Español, Kreyòl. 
Phone: (800)277-7680


Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, inc.-  civil legal advice, representation and education to the disadvantaged of Palm Beach County. Practice areas include elder law, wage theft, fair housing, discrimination, children's advocacy and health advocacy.

Phone: (800)403-9353

Affordable Housing Programs

Palm Beach County Housing Authority - County service where you can apply for government subsidized housing. This includes public housing, affordable housing, and section-8 housing choice vouchers, as well as the Palm  Beach County "Neighborhood Stabilization Program" funded housing options. Most of these are in very short supply and have long waiting lists, as well as stringent requirements and background checks. 

Phone: (561)684-2160

Florida Housing Search -  Search online listings of affordable housing units. Many units listed are taken the same day they are posted, and do not get taken down right away. 

Phone: (800)403-9353

For more general services, including emergency assistance, assisted living, homeless services, assisted living and other housing related programs, please visit Palm Beach County Human & Veteran Services


Florida Chapter 83 - Full text of Florida Landlord/Tenant Law.

Sunbiz - Search for business names and owners throughout Florida. Useful for property that is owned under a company name, rather than individual, or for researching a property management company.

Palm Beach County Property Appraiser - Allows you to search filings on properties related to taxes and transfer of ownership.

Palm Beach County Clerk Court Records
- Useful for conducting background research on your landlord. For example, enter the name of the landlord or company name, Court Type "County Civil", and Case Type  "EVICTION (COUNTY CIVIL)" to see the history of eviction filings with this landlord.

Palm Beach County Clerk Official Records
- Can search more details about your landlord or property management company. 

Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse - Provides data about housing needs, demographics and more.


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